How Technology Impacts the Game

Believe it or not, technology and playing are closely related. In all fields, technology has a tremendous impact in the game. We have researched the topic extensively so that you can get a full image on how the most recent technological advancements are affecting your favorite game.


We will start with video games since this is the first thing that pops up to your minds when we relate the game to technology. In that sense, video games were born with digital technology, and have grown with it.
The first consoles were dedicated devices with just a little computing power and limited resolutions and colors. “With computers and other devices like smartphones and tablets becoming very powerful nowadays, it is also possible to get very impressive games on these devices,” remarks Michael Carter, the content editor at Game Period. This is also applicable to video game consoles if we think of them as just dedicated computers for gaming.
Besides the added computing resources and resolution, video games have taken advantage of other tech advancements. Some of them are new wearables for virtual reality, portable devices, 3D, motion sensors, cameras, video analysis, voice recognition, and artificial intelligence. Connectivity is also playing an important part on the experience. All these advancements add points to the way we play video games today.

New Materials for Traditional Games

Traditional games like soccer, basketball, and football are also experiencing the benefits of technology. In a basic level, this comes in the form of new materials to enhance the game. The use of different materials specially designed for certain games has two possible approaches: safety or performance.
In the safety line, the possibility to get more resistant options for protection is highly appreciated. Sports like football and hockey are particularly benefited by these advancements. As for performance, the benefits can be seen in practically any game. With lighter materials to manufacture uniforms, there is a little advantage in any sport.
Other newly developed materials are used to protect and enhance the weakest parts of the player’s body like the wrists, ankles, and knees. They are very helpful for high-performance players. They are used to prevent injuries or to go back to the game faster than without such aids.

Technology employed in Pro Games

The main leagues of all sports around the world make extensive use of technology. For example, there are wireless headsets that can be used to talk to the team easily. This type of technology has been applied mainly to football, where in combination with the helmet audio, the coach can make observations in real time.
There are also specially designed apps for tablets to talk about strategy in any game. Coaches can make their point in an easier way whenever they ask for a time out with the use of this technology. Even a simple writing whiteboard with endless pages is better than having a paper to write. This small change is a significant improvement. A specialized app just adds power to this device.

Video Recording and Video Analysis

Finally, let’s mention video recording, which is a valuable tool for both amateur and pro players. With the possibility to record a game, individual players (like in tennis) or teams can improve their performance. Just by watching you play, you can improve your game.
But that is not the only application. You can use videos to analyze your next rival. That way you can find his weaknesses and use them to your benefit. Before video recording, doing this was not ever possible. Now players and teams can create specific strategies for specific games. This is particularly useful for pro leagues, but even some amateur teams and players make use of it.
Then it comes video analysis. You don’t need to have a coach anymore if you have the right app. In certain games, you can correct your techniques with the use of video analysis. By comparing your position and movements with the right way to do it, you can get the advice of a virtual coach to refine your technique.

The Rules Are Changing

It is important to note that the rules are changing. The use of all the previous technological advancements has originated restrictions or additions to the rules of certain games. Professional leagues have been the most affected.
For example, in the restriction field, certain new materials to enhance performance are prohibited. The restrictions are done to promote fair play.
On the other hand, some games have added new rules that make use of technology. The replay option when a fault is committed in certain games like soccer is the perfect example. FIFA, which is one of the major football associations around the world approved it in 2016. But they are not the only ones. All over the world pro leagues are making more use of this technology to promote a just and impartial decision on the field.

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