Sony Xperia XA Ultra launched!! To be available from June!

The biggest blow to selfie smartphones yet! The Sony just thought “What if we put a giant 16 megapixel camera in the front of an Xperia?” and the idea of Xperia XA ultra was born! They might have also thought about making it as big as your TV. 

The Xperia Z ultra was a circus by the way, which set up a platform for Sony to exercise upon. It was a crazy 6.3 inch phablet that would need you to resize your pocket, but this Xperia XA ultra is a little less drama with 6 inches of screen, but its border-less frame will make it look bigger than it actually is.  I have to admit it looks damn good, while Sony likes to call it “stylish selfie-cam masterpiece”.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra Black

Sony expands the Xperia X series with its new Xperia XA Ultra!

3 GB RAM and more…

 Irresistible looks must be followed by irresistible specs, right?  Well, you can expect a “meh” response when you know that is comes with a 3GB RAM (don’t say you haven’t seen that oneplus 3 will sport a 6 GB RAM) and a MediaTek MT6755 eight-core processor

 The storage will be 16 GB with expansion capability up to 200 GB. It will be Full High Definition (FHD) screen (i.e., 1080p) with the new Mobile BRAVIA engine 2. It will Support 4G and is said to have Bluetooth 4.1, DNLA and NFC features. It will run android 6.0 Marshmallow as expected. 

 Its dimensions- 164.2 x 79.4 x 8.4mm. It is expected to weigh 190 grams which is nothing special.

Color Variants

           There aren’t many variants to it. They say it comes in graphite black, white and lime gold which according to “The Verge” is not the same as lemon!

16 MP front shooter!

           Camera certainly is the highlight of the phone. A 16 megapixel shooter sits on the top right corner of the phone.This is a claim, bolder than what HTC had made with the desire eye (the phone with 13 MP front facing camera). 

           The front facing camera also has the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) built into it with flash included. It is a Sony Exmor R sensor. Other features are auto-focus and wide angle capability. This would make night party selfies a blast! It suggests that there is a lot to expect out of it and we are eager to learn about its performance. 

           Who knows? This might be a game changer for selfie smartphones. This trend of selfie smartphones is growing stupendously fast with Oppo and other Chinese companies being the pioneers. This latest device from Sony might just take it to a whole new level of craze and set the bar high. Anyone looking to buy one, can wait for the Xperia XA ultra. As far as the camera optics of today goes, this is one of the best things that can happen. Sony, as we know has excellent camera optics and sure we can trust them on this. 

           Oh! And about the rear camera, it is the same 21.5 MP shooter at the top left corner which is an Exmor RS sensor with quick launch, hybrid auto-focus and auto scene recognition features.

2700mah battery?

The battery details suggest that it will come with a meager 2700mAh battery but will last 2 full days with normal usage (hmm interesting!)

Expected price?

            The Sony Xperia XA Ultra can be expected to be priced around $350 to $400 or around ₹24000-₹28000 rupees in India


 The phone is said to be revealed in June and US is not going to be among the countries where it will be released in mid July.

The Tech Fortune verdict-

             Impressive looks and advanced Front Facing Camera (FFC) will hopefully make it a decently popular ‘selfie phone’ competing effectively in the market. Specs, even if not for tech geeks, will be of little importance for the real buyers of the phone. That is because it isn’t as bad as we might think it is. The battery is what we are most interested in, after the selfie camera. Let us not have a firm say about the phone until its release in June (fingers crossed!). 

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