How we can expect a huge change in the virtual reality game with Google Daydream and its new VR!


Enough reading high fantasy novels and playing 3d games, VR is here to catapult the experience to a whole new unimaginable level. Future my friend is here with Google’s new VR platform called Daydream on android N. Daydream as it implies helps you operate everything on the phone in complete virtual reality. High expectations rest behind this innovation and ample hopes about the same.

What Google card was meant to be?

Clay Bavor, the head of Virtual Reality department at Google, states that the Google cardboard was much of an experiment and wasn’t intended to do much. He asks us to face the fact that not much can be expected of a cardboard box indeed. It was a low end competitor for the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. But, qualitative analysis aside, Google cardboard was able to spread the intended message far and wide around the globe by being highly cost effective.  It basically was a sneak peek into what was to come. It created a huge impact on both education and entertainment so far. There may be far more fields where the potential of virtual reality might be made use of. We are still keen to know more about it as the innovations go on. The gear VR and Oculus Rift were highly advanced competitors who also played a big role in popularizing VR among gamers.

How easy will it be to operate?

Bavor says that, unlike the Gear VR, their new VR will be a comfortable and convenient headset to wear. It will come with a pebble like controller with sensors built in. The controller will act as a pointer in the VR. The claim is that it will make the usability stupendously easy. Bavor says that one of the first things we learn as children is pointing right, so the experience of using the pointer will be more of a natural experience. The learning curve of the contemporary VRs is a bit longer. The footages displayed during the seminars make it seem easier.  They have apparently dived deep into the physiology of humans to make such a device happen indeed. I personally am highly pumped up about it.

What devices will support Daydream?

This facility will only be available for Daydream ready phones they say. It isn’t a matter of concern because most of the smartphones from HTC, Samsung, Huawei etc are already Daydream ready. But sad is the fact that iphone is not one of those. Instead of making the headset heavy by fitting in it all the gizmos, Google decided to use the features of a flagship phone to enhance the experience. This was decided to avoid the inconvenience that we would face, like in Gear VR. The Gear VR too bulky with all the accurate sensors equipped. They decided to take such a leap because more people have high end phones than PCs. YouTube app is expected to make the most use of it by supporting 360 degree videos. We’ll see how that goes. Street views would be another interesting app to view in VR.

Tech Fortune Say

With the release of the android N and other such updates at I/O 2016 Daydream has certainly been one of the most notable one for us. The gaming experience as well as YouTube 360 videos facility will be what we will be most interested in. Please let us know what you think about the VR and what your expectations are by commenting in the comment box below. Thank you!  

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