Google To Remove "Password" By The End Of This Year - The New Trust API

Technology means innovation. Yes, Google has now finally planned to remove the "Password" field from all their services by using the new Trust API. Your Device will be your Password - A move from Google in order to make the most use of Android. Also to force people into buying Android maybe?

Google I/O 2016

Android users would now be able to enjoy Google Services by using the Combination of their face, pattern and also how they move. Thur eradicating the complicated logins and confirmations.

Google says that they will be testing out this feature next month as an alternative to passwords. It was introduced to the developers in the Google I/O conference held last week

Google calls this new feature as the "Trust API". Initially this is under development and is said to undergo rigorous testing by several very large Financial Institutions in June as said by Daniel Kaufman from Google.

Kaufman leads the Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. They had been secretly working on the Trust API under the code name Abacus. Abacus was introduced last year whose main goal is to eradicate passwords not just by using one strong replacement but by using multiple weak indicators into a single solid proof in order to confirm and authenticate the user.

The Trust API is said to include various biometric indicators as an evidence to Authenticate. This includes face recognition, voice recognition and also "the way you move", "how you type", and also "how you swipe"!

The Trust API is said to run in the background continually checking these patterns, hence keeping track of the user. The API checks whether the present user's reaction matches the reactions of the owner.

However it is well known that these biometric indicators are not much secure. It was proven that face recognition was significantly less secure than the fingerprint scanner. So Google decided to combine these biometric indicators along with various other biometrics to confirm the user. Recently the fingerprint scanner was also found to be vulnerable - A techie successfully managed to create a copy of fingerprints. You can read more about it Here.

In the Google I/O 2016, Google showed-off the Trust API. This service is said to be open to third parties which would allow other organization also to use this feature. Banks could initially make use of this feature as of to provide higher level security of their customers.

Wrapping things up, Google is not the only organization which is working upon a feature like this. A London based team - the Nok Nok Labs also have a proposal similar to the Trust API. They plan to  linking the information gathered from the mobile networks, manufacturers and users as a factor for authentication.

The Google's Trust API is no double will be undergoing crucial tests in the upcoming months, all we could do is just wait until it arrives. However apart from the features which the Trust API is providing, the only question spinning in my mind is "With This Trust API Is Google Really Trying To Force People Into Buying Androids"? Because, without your device, you don't have authentication anymore. A Devilish idea indeed :P What do you say?

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